Same Day Sprinkler Repair has added a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for your convenience. It includes answers to common problems with Florida sprinkler sytems.

How much is a service call?

If you call us and schedule an appointment we can usually come out for no charge to give you a free estimate. If you are outside our service area we may have to charge a service fee or schedule it with another job in your area.

How long have you been in business?

The company was started after the 3 major hurricanes in 2003 then grew into a landscaping and irrigation business. After working under a commercial contractor, the owner was approved to take the state irrigation competency exam. After passing the exam and obtaining our state license we began concentrating on irrigation. We have encountered almost every problem possible and we work fast and our experience gives our repairs reliability backed by our 1 year warranty. Some work carries 2 year warranties which is determined ahead of time.

How can I get my system up to code?

If you have an upcoming inspection we know all the codes and rules that apply to wells and irrigation systems as well as basic plumbing. If something is not up to code we will let you know and give you an estimate to fix the issues to ensure your property passes inspection.

How do I use my lake water for my sprinkler system?

We specialize in lake pump setups. We offer premium custom lake screens that will last many years. We also handle the pump installation and rerouting your sprinklers to your new pump.

How do I get a shallow well?

We drill shallow wells and install pumps for your sprinkler system. We reroute your sprinklers to run off your new well. This will save you money by using your well instead of paying the city for water.

How long does a pump usually last?

There is no set time for a sprinkler pump, but a quality metal body pump should last 10 or more years. Plastic body pumps from local home improvement stores are not used professionally and won't last as long. If your pump is bad it may sound very noisy or may not turn on at all.

I have an Orbit system. Do I have to use Orbit parts?

No, you can use other brands. You can use any brand on any system, however there are some brands used exclusively by professionals. Orbit, Rainmaster, and Watermaster are brands offered for homeowners that are lower quality than professionally used brands. Professional brands like Hunter and Rainbird are designed for commercial and residential use and will last much longer. There is also a difference between Rainbird products found at local hardware stores and professionally used products.

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